Monica has been missing for
Monica was born on December 13th in west Texas. She was a very happy baby and always smiling with beautiful dimples. In middle school her friends caller he "Happy-Happy" because she was always smiling and always had a positive attitude.

People know her as a very kindhearted and compassionate person. She is very friendly and helpful to others, always the first to volunteer. She is fun-loving and at the same time very focused and disciplined in her studies, and her favorite subject is science.

Monica is an avid reader. She enjoys spending time at the libraries and bookstores. (Theses are things we would do together.) She is a Christian and loves to do bible studies. In church she would always volunteer to do the bible readings in front of the whole congregation when her peers were too shy or timid to come forward. (She started at a very young age of 6 years old.)

Her hobbies are oil painting, listening to music, and jogging. Since Monica plays the alto saxophone, she enjoyed playing special music in church.

Monica is a vegetarian, she never liked the taste of meat even as a young child. Her favorite place to eat is Subway (veggie sandwiches) and drinking coffee at Starbucks. She enjoys baking and makes the best home baked bread. She was always trying out new recipes or inventing her own.

She loves animals and at one time wanted to become a veterinarian. Her goal is to attend one of the Ivey League Schools (Harvard). She though about being a lawyer or getting into aeronautics and work for NASA. She would have graduated from high school last year.

Written by Monica's mother, Kathy

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